Funeral Plans

Why arrange a funeral plan?

The costs of funerals have increased by 122% over the past 15 years and is likely to increase more in the future. * 

If you purchase a pre-paid funeral plan today you guarantee your funeral director’s services included in your plan at today’s prices, helping to give peace of mind to your family. This means that when the time comes your family simply makes one phone call to activate your plan and everything is put in place for them. 

They don’t have to go along and choose a coffin for example, when they are grieving and at their most vulnerable, helping to make everything much easier for them at a difficult time.

I recommend using Golden Charter as your funeral plan provider and can arrange this on your behalf.

Talk to me today about arranging a funeral plan and give yourself peace of mind.

Why choose Golden Charter?

Golden Charter have been a funeral provider since 1989 and are one of the UK’s leading providers. **

They are owned by an association of Independent funeral directors and have an independent network of over 2,900 funeral directors.

700,000 people have already taken out a funeral plan with Golden Charter and the money is paid into The Golden Charter Trust or a life insurance policy if paying by the fixed monthly payment option.

 The Golden Charter Trust has over £1billion of funds under investment *** 

Therefore if Golden Charter ceased trading, your money would continue to be safeguarded in the Trust and held until the time of need. 

In a report from SunLife it showed 46% of people did not know whether their loved ones wanted to be buried or cremated and 64% did not know whether they wanted a religious or non-religious service. *

*Sunlife cost of dying report 2018

**Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold.  For details please see Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2018 and Golden Charter Annual Review 2017/18

*** audited figure 31/3/19